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GHQ (Grinds Headquarters) was founded by Special School Principal Edward Collins, and Entrepreneur Richard Collins. Together, they had the simple vision, a vision to create an educational environment that focused on the student’s unique gifts, to encourage development of these gifts which would develop into educational success.

GHQ was established to create an innovative method of learning for the Junior and Leaving Certificate exams, something that Edward experienced in his 20 plus years in Special Education which he has shown to be transferable to mainstream education.

We at GHQ know exams are stressful and that time in a student’s busy life can be sparse. Thus, we have created content, study tools, study videos and resources to enable the student to focus and become more productive in less time.

The holistic development of the Student and their family is encompassed in the ethos of GHQ. The impact that teachers as professionals can and do have on the young people, their parents and siblings is instrumental to their development.

The role of the teacher has now gone far beyond teaching and learning in the classroom, here at The GHQ, teachers are supported in these varied and ever evolving roles from class teacher, tutor, to counsellor and confidant to our young people.

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